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We service residential and commercial pools, spas and fountains.

Check out what we can do for you!

Sale, installation, maintenance and repair of:

. heater
. pump
. filter
. motor
. chlorinator
. automation
. salt system
. lights
. fixtures
. pool sweepers
. variable speed pump

Remodeling and renovation:
. resurfacing
. Diamond Brite
. acid wash
. spa addition

Other services:
. leak detection
. calcium deposit removal
. start up
. inspection

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We are your pool’s Doctor. Usually people go to the doctor to prevent or to resolve health problems. We do the same for pools. We prevent any problems from occurring by taking necessary measures for the care of the pool and we solve existing problems whenever they arise.
We are a family owned and operated company, in business since 1999. We are Weston residents and our company was born here, an original Weston Pool Service and Weston Pool Repair Company. Our business is located in a warehouse, where we store our trucks and meet with the employees every morning before the route starts.
Eduardo, the owner, personally trains all of our technicians. He is constantly on the phone with them guiding and teaching them techniques and procedures they need to be up to Dr. Pool’s standards.
We closely monitor all of the work done to each of our customer’s pools, in case they have any questions about the service, and we have everything written down on their file.
We are early birds, Mondays early mornings we have meetings with all our technicians, we discuss the problems found and how to solve them, we listen to our technicians questions and wish a good week to each of them.
We have the knowledge to deal with any questions about your pool. From maintenance, weekly service, pool repair, equipment repair, renovation, leak detection, heater installation, salt system, new finish, tile cleaning, chlorinator cell replacement, pool parts, to the new energy efficient pumps and spa additions. Anything, just ask us!
Eduardo is a civil engineer with many years of experience in sanitation, building water treatment stations and also building and remodeling commercial and residential swimming pools. He is specialized in going to the client’s house to diagnose pool and spa problems and find the better way to have it back in shape again. In fact, the growth of our company resides on him finding the right solution for our customers.
Eduardo was granted his State of Florida Commercial Pool/Spa Contractor License in 2000. By a demonstration of knowledge in general pool & spa issues he has maintained his license since then, participating in all continuous education classes required to its renewal.
He is certified by Jack’s Magic, Jandy, Autopilot, Pool & Spa Operator, SGM (Diamond Brite, Durazzo & River Rok). If you want more information about Eduardo’s professional background,click here.
Giovana, his daughter, graduated in 2011 with a Civil Engineering degree from Florida State University and joined the family business. She attended several Pool & Spa shows and helps us with pool construction.
Our commitment to our customers and our industry makes the difference. When choosing a pool company one of the main considerations most people are worried about is price. We really advise you to consider the value for your dollar spent.
Spending a little extra per month on pool service will prevent a serious problem from happening where you will have to spend a lot of money upfront to fix it. Also, look for a company that is licensed and insured in case anything happens in your home. If the company is not insured, it will be your responsibility to pay for damages done. For the safety and health of not only your pool but your family who swims in it, make sure you are hiring a reliable company. Remember, clear water does not mean safe water!
Why choose us? We could give you as many reasons as you need, but we would like to invite you to try our services, you will see why we collect so many happy clients!

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