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We service residential and commercial pools, spas and fountains.

Check out what we can do for you!

Sale, installation, maintenance and repair of:

. heater
. pump
. filter
. motor
. chlorinator
. automation
. salt system
. lights
. fixtures
. pool sweepers
. variable speed pump

Remodeling and renovation:
. resurfacing
. Diamond Brite
. acid wash
. spa addition

Other services:
. leak detection
. calcium deposit removal
. start up
. inspection

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Dr. Pool Weston pool service and repair

Certificated by Description
SGM Swimming Pool, Spa & Deck Finishes Preparation, Application, Exposure and Maintenance of Pool Plaster Finishes Training Program.
Diamond Brite, Durazzo, River Rok.
Pentair Training and Education Workshop designed for the pool and spa service professional.
Florida Swimming Pool Association Advanced Florida Building Code: Entrapment Protection for Suction Inlets
Jack's Magic Swimming pool stain identification, stain removal, and stain prevention maintenance.
Public Pool Construction & Operation Instruction in the areas of the Florida Administrative Code and public pools; pool design & construction, public pool access & hardware safety; circulation systems; water chemistry; water testing & treatment; general maintenance procedures; public spa & hot water pools; public & operator safety requirements; and workers compensation, business practices and workplace safety.
Certified Public Pool Service Technician Knowledge in general commercial pool & spa maintenance, fresh water supply, bacteriological, chemical and physical quality of water and water purification, testing, treatment and disinfection procedures as prescribed by the State of Florida Administrative Code.
Florida Swimming Pool Association Workplace Safety
Florida Swimming Pool Association Managing Phosphates for Algae Control
Florida Swimming Pool Association Stain Discoloration Prevention & Removal
Florida Swimming Pool Association Pool Surface Problems & Solutions
Florida Swimming Pool Association Workers Compensation
Florida Swimming Pool Association Expansion Joints & Sealants
Florida Swimming Pool Association Organic Decomposition with Nanotechnology - science that works for you.
Florida Swimming Pool Association Pre-Pool Opening Inspections
Florida Swimming Pool Association Pool Service 101
Florida Swimming Pool Association Alternative Plaster Surfaces
Florida Swimming Pool Association Drain Suction Entrapments - Solutions & Problems
The Media Factory Advanced Building Code, Building - Structural Summary (ADV).
NSPI The Successful Service Company
NSPI Employee Handbooks: Why You Should Have One!
NSPI Motor Basics: Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
NSPI Leak Detection
NSPI Hydraulics: Circulation Systems for Pools and Spas
NSPI Basic Water Chemistry
National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool/Spa Operator
Horner Institute of Technology and Training Repair and Renovation
Horner Institute of Technology and Training Heat Pumps & Electrical Resistance Heaters
Horner Institute of Technology and Training Workplace Safety & Loss Control
Florida Pool and Spa Association Florida Building Code
Florida Pool and Spa Association Advanced Water Testing - Chemical Balance
Florida Pool and Spa Association Growth Impact and Solutions for the Contractor's Office
Horner Institute of Technology and Training Pool Finishes
Autopilot Systems Flight School - Autopilot Natural Purification Systems
Jandy Jandy Technical Service School, Controls Course
Florida Swimming Pool Association Concrete Deck and Natural Stone Sealers
Florida Swimming Pool Association Mesh Safety Barriers
Florida Swimming Pool Association Motor Troubleshooting and Replacement
Florida Swimming Pool Association Introduction to Automation
Florida Swimming Pool Association Understanding Advantages & Installation of Pavers
Florida Swimming Pool Association Training Employees in Chemical Handling
Florida Swimming Pool Association Pool & Spa Water Chemistry
Florida Swimming Pool Association 64E Code Changes (Public Swimming Pools)
Aquatic Training Institute Swimming Pool Calculations
Aquatic Training Institute Advanced Building Code for Pools
Aquatic Training Institute FL.DOH Requirements
Aquatic Training Institute ATI Review of FL. Laws/Rules for Pool Contractors
Aquatic Training Institute Pool Chemical Safety
Aquatic Training Institute Pool and Spa Maintenance
Aquatic Training Institute Filter Types and Filter Selection
Aquatic Training Institute Pool Circulation Systems
Aquatic Training Institute Florida Lic. Req. Pool/Spa
Aquatic Training Institute Water Chemistry and Balancing
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