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We service residential and commercial pools, spas and fountains.

Check out what we can do for you!

Sale, installation, maintenance and repair of:

. heater
. pump
. filter
. motor
. chlorinator
. automation
. salt system
. lights
. fixtures
. pool sweepers
. variable speed pump

Remodeling and renovation:
. resurfacing
. Diamond Brite
. acid wash
. spa addition

Other services:
. leak detection
. calcium deposit removal
. start up
. inspection

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Since a swimming pool is one of the best sources of fun in Florida and you have one in your backyard, you should safely enjoy it!

Taking care of a swimming pool is easy, once you know what to do WITH CONSISTENCY. If you do not consistently check the chemicals, brush bottom and walls, clean baskets, clean filter etc… you are at risk of: algae development, stains, unsafe water and more expensive repairs to your pool. Clearing up a green pool is very expensive for example, so you should consider hiring a reliable pool company to take care of your pool!

We are located in Weston, always around you! Dr. Pool offers you quality pool service. Our services are provided by our own employees (not associates); they are experienced and trained to give you the dependable service you expect with a professional presentation.Dr. Pool, Weston pool service, pool toys

Dr. Pool is run by engineers, licensed and insured for your tranquility. We attend all Swimming Pool shows in the country to always be up to date with information and new technology as well as continuous education classes that are required to renew our license.
We work with residential, commercial and community pools. Our services include: maintenance, repair, new construction, renovation, resurfacing (Diamond Brite and other finishing options, acid wash), leak detection, sale and installation of equipment (heater, salt system, pump, motor, automation, lights, pool vacuums, and variable speed pump), start up, pool inspection, calcium deposit removal.

You can opt for our weekly pool service for your peace of mind. Our technicians will take care of your pool, check chemicals and pool operation. If they find something wrong, we will let you know and give you an estimate to have it fixed the best way.
If you take care of your pool yourself you can use our service call for all your needs. Our technicians will diagnose and show you the options available to have it repaired.

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