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We service residential and commercial pools, spas and fountains.

Check out what we can do for you!

Sale, installation, maintenance and repair of:

. heater
. pump
. filter
. motor
. chlorinator
. automation
. salt system
. lights
. fixtures
. pool sweepers
. variable speed pump

Remodeling and renovation:
. resurfacing
. Diamond Brite
. acid wash
. spa addition

Other services:
. leak detection
. calcium deposit removal
. start up
. inspection

Weston pool service Dr. Pool tips
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Dr. Pool can serve you in so many different ways:


Pool, spa, fountain Services:

Weekly pool/spa/fountain service:
Weston pool service Dr. Pool

for proper maintenance of your pool we have three different residential services; pricing varies based on size, service frequency and pool features. Call us or email us for an estimate, we will come to your pool and give you a free estimate for weekly service.
One time service: when you feel is time for a professional to take a look at your pool and give you an expertise advice or maybe you have a party coming soon and wish for a sparkling pool!
Commercial service:Weston pool service, commercial from everyday service to weekly service, we are licensed and insured to keep your pool under the Florida Law regulations. We provide Certificate of Insurance and State of Florida Commercial Pool/Spa Contractor License.
Fire Up or Start Up: when you have a new pool finish, a special procedure is required in the first 4 weeks after the job is done to avoid problems and prolong the life of the finish.
Clean up and chemical shock:
pool service green water
the best choice if the pool has been abandoned for some time (foreclosed home, no service, neglected).
Sanitization:Weston pool service, animal in pool after an unwanted animal visit to your pool, have it safe to be used again with proper sanitization.
DE Filter cleaning and backwash:
Weston pool service Dr. Pool filter DE filter cleaning backwash
frequency of filter cleaning depends on the size of the filter and the size of your swimming pool. The average it needs to be disassembled and cleaned is two to three times a year and backwashed monthly. Disassembly is required when pressure rises 8-10 psi above the base line.
Chlorinator cell cleaning: a properly maintained salt cell will last from 3 to 5 years; otherwise it can last one year. Considering the cost of salt cells, we suggest that you inspect it once a week during summer and every other week during the off season. If you see any buildup, it is time to have it cleaned.
Leak Detection:Weston leak detection we work with high technology and experience to find leaks. We use sonar equipment, dive dye tests, pressure tests. When we find the leak, we are qualified to fix it, trained, licensed and insured. From a simple patch, a skimmer replacement or a broken pipe. But first of all, you have to be sure if the water loss is due to a leak or evaporation. Click here to find out how!
Tile cleaning or calcium deposit removal: Weston pool service tile cleaning calcium deposit removal calcium can adhere to your pool tile in different ways; Cement is made with calcium in it, and your pool was built with cement. Water enters the grout line and activates the calcium in the cement behind the tile, as the calcium grows it blows through the grout lines and stick to the tiles, also, calcium comes from the pool finish, goes to the water and then to the tiles. We use a mineral blasting system to remove calcium deposit.
Pool Inspection:   before you buy a new house it is a good idea to have the pool inspected by a pool professional to avoid costly surprises. We check pool, spa, equipment, heater, water chemistry; and give you our technical opinion verbally or in writing. We provide an estimate for all the items that need work done.
Stain removal: Weston pool service Dr. Pool stain stains pool finish we are Jack’s Magic Certified Stain Specialist. We know how to identify, remove, and prevent stains and discoloration on pool surfaces.
Weston pool service Jack's Magic stain removal

Equipment sale, installation, maintenance, replacement and repair:

Service Call: we can diagnose a wide range of pool and spa issues. We provide estimate and upfront pricing for repairs. We have a service call charge to diagnose problems. If you are on our route and it can wait until your next scheduled visit, no charge will be assessed.
Installation: Dr. Pool installs any pool and spa equipment for you in Weston, Southwest Ranches, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Sunrise, Miramar, Plantation and Cooper City. Maybe you wish to move the pool equipment to a better location in your backyard!
Equipment: we work with the best brands in pool and spa pump, filter, motor, chlorinator, automation, salt system, lights and fixtures, pool vacuums, variable speed pump, heater, heat pump, automatic feeders and more.
Weston pool service A.O. Smith motor Weston pool service heater and heat pumps Aquacal Weston pool service automation Autopilot
Weston pool service Baracuda auto cleaner vacuum Zodiac logo Weston pool service auto cleaner vacuum Kreepy Krauly
Weston pool service filter equipment pump Hayward Weston pool service products pump filter chlorinator salt system light Pentair Weston pool service automation chlorinator salt system Goldline
Weston pool service gas heater automation filter pump chlorinator salt system Jandy Weston pool service gas heater automation filter pump chlorinator salt system Sta Rite Weston pool service filter cartridge Unicel

Construction, Remodeling and Renovation:

Weston pool service Dr. Pool Diamond Brite application
the best surface is the one that is well applied to your swimming pool by a competent and dedicated pool contractor! Refinishing can restore your pool to a like-new condition if the old surface is properly prepared and the material applied according to the manufacturer orientation. We offer a variety of pool finishes for your choice.
Weston pool service Dr. Pool resurface plaster renovation  Diamond Brite logo Weston pool service Dr. Pool resurface plaster River Roc logo pool service Weston Dr. Pool resurface plaster renovation Pebble Tec logo
pool service Weston Dr. Pool renovation resurface finishing plaster National Pool Tile logo    
Acid Wash: the purpose of an acid wash is to remove a very fine layer of the pool surface, bringing out a “new” coat. It can make the pool surface look like new again. Our technician will check the pool and determine if the pool is able be acid washed.
Construction: Weston pool service Dr. Pool construction remodeling renovation backyard spa step shallow pool

we are totally qualified by the State of Florida to build residential and commercial pools. Our first pool was built on 2013 and was a huge success in terms of quality, schedule and overall happiness!

we are also specialized in remodeling and renovation. If you wish a new look for your backyard such as adding a spa, including steps, having a shallow side in the pool, we sure can help you with your wish!

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